Monday, January 30, 2012

My first Ping pong match!

Sorry I have been unable to upload my video to the youtube or vimeo. :U
So you're in my blog ~

Its my serve~  Pleased to meet you muso, you can call me Charmay!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I've decided to enter a local short film competition. Wish my luck.
Its going to take alot of strength and endurance to put something 
together. I have until Feburary the 13th next you to submit!
I have a musician friend that has volunteered a piece of his that I 
can animate to. Ill be using Flash and Photoshop. I have a story 
outlined, and I'm ready to jump in. My ideas are kept as simple 
as possible!! I don't want to make this too difficult compared to
all the crappy time I have available. I wish I started on it early this year. 
This'll be fun. :P

BYE BYE for now!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Major Project.

I don't have my visual journal with me this moment,

So I've decided to use a post to record my thoughts on 
short story telling.The major project will be put together
in under a year. Others have been gather ideas, so have I.
But I think I need to look into the basics of a short first.
I need to really think about it.

I once saw a student project, a short animated film.
I particuliarly like it. And it is the only film I have been 
thinking about since I considered the major project.

It involves a girl lying out on the grass on a bright day. Watching the clouds go by.
Then a sudden extreme. She jumps into the cloudy sky and uses her sun hat to clear the clouds off.
Shes in her on dramatic zone doing this, and its seems fun and kind of dreamy. But then a conflict arises.
A rain cloud and its loud thunder comes her way. There is a long shot of her floating in the sky looking at the large cloud. Then she dives for it. Lost inside the rain cloud, its dark and she gives in all shes got. Slashing her hat around. She defeats the cloud seeing a way out. And then you hear her mother call her from the house. She is back lying around on the grass, then runs to the back door. Taking her hat off before entering the house a pool of water splashes down upon her and she is soaked.

"A good short story is almost always about a moment of profound realization. Or a hint of that. A quiet bomb."
- Joseph O'Connor, 1997

 I want my short story to have this. 
But I'm vague on ideas. I might try a different tactic, and search my best for different things. Look at topics and art, settings, items that don't come naturally to mind. I want to do my project next year with interest, I have to gather a story I am passionate about. This will be displaying what this course has done for me after all. I want it to be good. Like school has been good to me.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rotoscope technique

My first taste of rotoscope animation.
Another project complete.
To rotoscope is to trace over live film.
This was film taken of my maltese puppy Teddy.
(Sir Teddy Bear)
Was good fun~~

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Little Voyage: a stop-motion

My very own little stop-mo. Was a lot of hard work...
might not seem so, but proved me different in the end.

So enjoy!